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People forget Snily was ONE-SIDED! 

So, you want a stalker that still loves you although you rejected him and he takes his anger out on your kids and goes over to the dark side?


((Really you say? Alright then…

Though I agree it is blind statement, You’re making it out to be worse. Snape was just a child when me met her, other than his brief days of spying, I don’t recall Snape ‘stalking’ her. As time draws on, Snape had a slip of tongue; he did something that he shouldn’t have. Lily severed ties in the friendship, blissfully unaware of the hurt he was causing him. If you love something, you, infact, do not let it go. It doesn’t matter wither its ‘one-sided’ or not, You do everything humanly possible to protect them and the ones they love (Forgive my reference to my precious Roy baby). As the two slipped into adulthood, Snape -well- he fucked up. He spoke out against the Dark Lord, pleading for her safety. Foolishly, Snape put his faith in the wrong wizard. Imagine how the pain of Lily’s death changed him, and warped him. 

Yet, Snape did not mope around and sulk (well, more than his personality already allowed him), he moved forward, and brought forward everything to save the only thing left of Lily- the boy with the green eyes, her eyes. He made the protection of her son his reason for living, and as well his reason for dying. 

Further more, Snape was never angry with Harry. If Snape ever had any reason to hate anybody, it’d be himself- not being able to protect her although the chance was as plain as day. Dealing with this self-loathing turned him bitter to not just Harry, but every one who encountered him.

Also, their was the swelling hatred Snape had for James- her eyes on his face.  Seeing why Snape didn’t forgive him or the other Maruaders, and why he was awful towards Harry was because he didn’t know how, nor did he want to learn.How could he show love when he never got it? How could he show forgiveness when Dumbledore was the only one who ever granted to it?I think deep inside, Snape didn’t even think he deserved Dumbledore’s forgiveness, making him be bitter to him as well.

Snape was only human, he was not perfect.

Oh crap, I overreacted. This doesn’t even belong on my blog. Sorry bro, I’m just a fan with a lot feelings whose grown to love her characters fan too much.))

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So this is why our Hogwarts acceptance letters are so late

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Favorite Harry Potter Characters (#15)
↳ Molly Weasley
“Not my daughter, you bitch!” (x)

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My favourite photos of Darren (so far)

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Do you see the way he looks at her? He just…he looks like hermione is the sun and he knows he shouldn’t look at it so much, but he’s in a blind love. Despite the war raging outside, Ron is happy. Hermione is his sun.

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